Who am I?

Well, aren't we getting deep and, I don't even know your name!!

When I'm not out shooting, I'm a mum to Maddie & Arlo, a wife to Simon, a cook, cleaner, chef & have been guilty to binge more than my fair share of Netflix shows! 

You can find some of my early work (circa 1996), in my grandparent's house proudly displayed on their bookshelf. This I believe is when the passion took hold. My Grandad in particular was a driving force and support behind my dreams of being a photographer and it's pretty incredible that all these years later here I am! 

In my art, I capture real-life moments and all the beauty that surrounds them. My passion for documenting life has led me to my clients which are lovers, families, and everything in between.

You’ll often find me chasing that perfect sunset or fierce storm, showcased in my landscape imagery.

My promise to you is to press pause on your life, capture the connection, the authenticity, and depth of love, in images that you’ll proudly display all over your home!

Savannah X